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Yachtpro Captain

Your Superyacht Refit Period Management Software

Yachtpro Captain is a software solution that has been designed to facilitate duties of a captain and his project management and engineering team during refit planning and implementation processes.

  • Quotations comparison
  • Estimate next maintenance plan costs
  • Integrated worklist​
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Tasks management for crew members
  • Equipment, spare parts and items pictures
  • Documentation management
  • Planning, Project, Gantt, Resource
  • Contact Management, CRM
  • Event, Alert, Cloud

One of the unique features of the Yachtpro Captain is an integrated tool allowing for comparison of quotations from different shipyards according to a worklist. This ensures an accurate analysis of estimated costs, therefore an optimized budget planning.

An integrated project management module serves as a primary instrument for scheduling works assigned for each supplier with a special colour coding feature.

Available offline or in a cloud-based, Yachtpro Captain is a valuable tool to plan, optimize, execute and follow-up refit and maintenance works on board. It is a software solution indispensable for captains to streamline their refit planning process and take care about an overall project management during the works.



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