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Industry 4.0

Dbs Business Software Production

Production is an organized activity combining work and capital factors in order to transform intermediate consumption into goods or services according to modes: units, series, lines, mass production.

Scheduling involves calculation of optimal execution dates of tasks for a better productivity. Very often it is represented with Gantt charts, resources tables with times, to simply view their plannings.

Dbs Business Software 100% for Industry 4.0

The software market is growing faster than the economy and contributes to its growth. In order to keep and increase productivity, companies have to adapt their software systems. DBS is an ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software which integrates into its modular solution all key processes of your production management activity, to facilitate its implementation and immediately increase your productivity.

  • Supply Chain Management SCM
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • Supplier Relationship Management SRM
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP
  • Warehouse and Stock Management WMS
  • Production, Batch, Serial Management
  • Service and Quality Management
  • AI and Big Data​ Management
  • Accounting Costs
  • Accounting P&R Cash Flow
  • Matching and Banks
  • Statistics Reporting, Business Intelligence BI

Our DBS management software are very innovative software solutions. They meet your production business requirements and help you to insert your industrial intelligence into your day to day processes. We also continually integrate the latest technologies in order to help you to evolve for more quality and productivity.


Industries categories: 

Building and Construction
Chemical Products
Wood Cut
Dental Products
Food Products