Each of you will have his own business software


Customer Relationship Management CRM Cross-Platform

To satisfy your customers you have access at any time to your contacts history, you can send information cross-platform, you increase your customer relationship productivity by user and you have synthetic statements to help you making choices. Your company becomes a relational organization in order to increase quality and knowledge about all major economic actors of your business: customers and contacts, prospects, suppliers and contacts, activity events, all this amount of data within synthetic dashboards.

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP  

Proximity of our software solutions and your profession allows us to propose you a combination of business software solutions with an immediate benefit and a quick customization in detail. When resources to manage and optimize are complex you have synthetic graphics and approach: For project management customizable Gantt Charts of resources in order to view simply their affectation and to simply plan your activity. For economic thresholds follow-up, syntheses and statistics are customizable too for your figures and charts.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Customer Relationship Management
Multisession Multilingual
Contract Management
Warehouse Management
Service Management
Disbursement Management
Production Management
Ship Management
Yacht Management
Insurance and Reinsurance
Sales Point
MultiCasting Web
Library Multimedia
Cloud Mobile Application
Trade Show Desk
Accounting P&R Treasury
Cost Accounting
Bank Matching
EAI Project and Finance
Reporting and Statistics
Business Intelligence