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Service is now the main production activity of developed economies. Service could be referred to by the five Is: intangible not in inventory, inseparable from its provider, inconsistency as it is always unique, involvement as customer participate in the delivery.
Its classical management with front office for customer’s interaction management and back office without customer make service more than other industry strongly involved in customer relationship for quality and productivity.

Management Software 100% for Professionals

The software market is growing faster than the economy and contributes to its growth. In order to keep and increase productivity, companies have to adapt their software systems. DBS Business Management is an ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software which integrates into its modular solution all key processes of your service management activity, to facilitate its implementation and immediately increase your productivity.

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • Application Mobile Cloud
  • Resource Planning 
  • Contract Management
  • Services Management
  • Accounting Costs
  • Accounting P&R Cash Flow
  • Matching and Banks
  • EAI Project and Accounting
  • Statistics Reporting
  • Business Intelligence

Our management software ERP + CRM are innovative software solutions. They meet your services management requirements by a thorough knowledge of your internal processes. We also continually integrate the latest technologies in order to help you to evolve for more quality and productivity.


Industries categories: 

Architect and Engineer
Management and Accounting
NGO and Fondation
Research and Development
IT services Management